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LogisticPool Ltd is a British Company specialising in Materials Handling Equipment for logistical activities in industrial plants. Our Company is a joint venture between a group of renowned British and Italian Companies operating in these sectors. We combine long-standing engineering experience with a high level of quality systems and services. Our goal is to show that Italian creativity in offering the best tailormade solutions and services for specific industry needs is also highly applicable to the logistic installations field.

The creativity and experience of the LogisticPool engineers guarantee steady improvements and research processes benefiting our Clients, and provide prompt solutions for meeting the fast-changing requirements of logistics. The companies adhering to LogisticPool have installed countless systems operating worldwide in many sectors: Automotive, Banks and Insurance companies, Industrial components, Energy and Oil, Textile and Fashion, Food and Drinks, Government services, Logistics, Packaging, Pharmaceutics, Services organisations.

LogisticPool Ltd is a system integrator of factory logistics installations, software for logistics and connected systems.

LogisticPool Ltd
9 Seagrave Road
SW61RP London


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